Robert Feranec

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Robert Feranec
Robert Feranec in front of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Personal information
Nationality Slovak
Residence California, United States
Occupation Hardware Design Engineer
YouTube information
Channel matarofe
Years active 2010-present
Genre Video blog
Subscribers 30,000 subscribers
(February, 2020)
Total views 4,100,000 views
(February, 2020)

Robert Feranec is a Slovak Hardware Design Engineer. He is the founder of FEDEVEL, a company running FEDEVEL Academy courses and a company running FEDEVEL Education portal to host online courses of other people and businesses. Robert is specializing in advanced digital development with a focus on processor, motherboard and microcontroller board design.[1] He is well known through his Youtube Channel and videos.[2] Robert posts on his Welldone Blog, teaches at Udemy, speaks at events [3][4][5][6], has provided number of interviews and spoke on podcasts,[7][8][9][10][11][12] and creates HW design courses. His content is about electronics, Altium Designer [13], Cadence OrCAD / Allegro and Hardware Design tips and tricks.[14][15]

Life, education and work experiences

In the year 2000, Robert received his Master degree in electronics at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. After graduation, he continued studying for a PhD until 2002.[16][17][18][19] Between the years 2002 - 2005 he worked as a Hardware Design Engineer at VOIPAC, Slovak Republic. From 2005 to 2010 Robert lived in Cambridge (UK) and worked as a Senior Hardware Design Engineer at Arcom (later known as EUROTECH Ltd). In 2010, he returned to the Slovak Republic and in 2013, he started FEDEVEL. Currently, Robert is living in California (US) and his main focus is teaching online and sharing his experience through his online courses, workshops, presentations, youtube and his blog.[20][21][22]

Open Source Projects

Robert, is founder of several open source projects:

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